The Atlantica Party Association of Nova Scotia is proud to announce its list of candidates for Nova Scotia's 41st provincial election in 2021.

Electoral District

Candidate Name

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01 - Annapolis Mark Robertson
02 - Antigonish Ryan Smyth
05 - Bedford South Alan Nightingale
08 - Chester-St. Margaret's Steven Foster
10 - Clayton Park West Ka Wai Helen Lau
12 - Colchester North Stephan Sante
13 - Cole Harbour Christopher Kinnie
17 - Dartmouth East Chris Bowie
20 - Digby-Annapolis Tyler Ducharme
33 - Hants West Gordon Berry
35 - Kings North Paul Dunn
37 - Kings West Rick Mehta
38 - Lunenburg John Giannakos
42 - Pictou East Jonathan Dean
51 - Timberlea-Prospect Dessire Gomez Miari
54 - Waverley-Fall River-Beaver Bank Shawn Whitford


Short bios and why the candidate is running for Atlantica

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42 - Pictou East

Jonathan Dean B Sc B Eng MS MBA CFA CMT is the longest-serving political leader in Nova Scotia. He founded the Atlantica Party in 2006 to revolutionize Nova Scotia politically and economically. 

His educational background is in physics, computer science, engineering and quantitative investing; all achieved on full scholarships. He has worked in various roles in the investment industry, including portfolio manager, head of research and IIROC representative. He is also a scholar and author. In addition, he is a partner of Fortress Wealth, a boutique investment advisory firm.

In my limited spare time, I play the flute, collect Canadian coins, work out, read, and I am currently working on a series of books about the Historical Jesus. Originally from Halifax, he lives with his wife Lynn in a cabin in the woods outside of Tatamagouche.

I am running as a candidate and leading the party to overhaul a system that has wasted decades through bad political decisions. It is obvious the system Nova Scotia needs, but since the citizenry has no role in provincial politics, the only avenue to change is to contest elections as a party. Hence the Atlantica Party. The party comprises individuals with full-time jobs and families who volunteer their time to the party. There are no paid positions, and small donations support us. We are grassroots, unaffiliated but united in our thirst for freedom and saving Nova Scotia. We offer an extensive package of common-sense reforms, especially vital reforms to political decision-making that will empower the voter and ensure the citizen's voice dominates over the elites' voice – anathema to the old fashioned parties. Our goal; overturn 150 years of stagnation and make Nova Scotia a global example of freedom, democracy and prosperity.


37 - Kings West


 I was a professor in the Department of Psychology at Acadia University between July 1, 2003, and August 31, 2018. My employment was terminated because my union and the university oppose free speech, which speaks to the larger issue of widespread corruption in our societal and democratic institutions.

I believe that people should be judged based on the content of their character and on their actions instead of on traits that are outside of a person’s control (e.g., their biological sex, their skin colour, etc.). I also believe that respect is a two-way street and that respect is possible only when all parties act in good faith. For me, the most important criteria for political candidates are a) a proven track record of being open, honest, and transparent, and b) a proven record of competence. My resume from my time at Acadia demonstrates that I was a highly competent teacher and researcher, and that I can work well with others.

For those who are interested, I invite you to watch the three talks that are on my YouTube channel ( . Although I do not have a lot of content on my channel, I believe that the content that I have posted is high quality.


10 - Clayton Park West

Dr. Helen Lau is a research geoscientist from the Dalhousie University, where she also received her Ph.D. in Oceanography. She has resided in Halifax for over 18 years with the last 10 years being in District Clayton Park West. She is also a human and animal right activist who frequently protests and petitions to make a difference in communities near and far. As an immigrant from Hong Kong herself, she serves newcomers to the province as a volunteer, including driving them around to see the beautiful Nova Scotian sceneries. In her free time, she enjoys a diversity of hobbies such as classical singing, songwriting, multiple musical instruments playing, gardening, snowboarding, to name a few.  The reason why I am running for AP for this election is that I want people to know that there is a choice other than the familiar status quo parties, and it is a good one. I found that as a small party, AP cares nothing about maintaining and adhering to the kind of political machinery that only serves the interests of elected politicians instead of that of Nova Scotians. To me, AP is in a good position and has been protesting bad decisions made by the current government. From the way our government handled several recent crises, it is clearly complacent and ill-prepared for any future crisis. This has me worried and so I feel more strongly than ever that we need a government that will safeguard the lives, wealth, health, and general wellbeing of Nova Scotians than capturing the most seats in the government. If elected, in additional to the AP platform, I would like to also bring crisis preparedness as a high priority issue to the agenda.


02 - Antigonish


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Ryan has lived and worked around the world in the software industry. Today he's a partner in a company that is bringing the cutting edge of Bitcoin technology to video games where they run serverless, unstoppable, uncheatable, permissionless, trustless, and eternal. 

All the mainstream parties are going in the same direction, just at different speeds, i.e. they're all headed towards authoritarianism and totalitarianism. 

I believe that God created us all in His image with FREE WILL. To violate the free will of another person is criminal. As adults, we are all capable of making our own decisions. Free will means the ability to make good or bad decisions for ourselves. It's not free will if you can only make decisions that others have made for you. 

The Atlantica Party is the ONLY party that embraces the kinds of values that I hold dear, e.g. free markets, freedom of association, free speech, freedom and autonomy of your own body, etc. 

I'm running because the mainstream parties have all failed disasterously.


54 - Waverley-Fall River-Beaver Bank


Shawn spent his younger years growing up in the west end of Halifax where he attended Sir Charles Tupper elementary. After a family move to Bridgeview he attended Rockingham Junior High before graduating from Halifax West High School. Shawn attended Saint Mary’s University focusing study on sociology and philosophy before finally deciding to pursue his automotive passion embarking on a career as a journeyman tradesperson. Shawn is still working as an interprovincial journeyman tradesperson in the automotive repair industry 25 years later and continues to proudly serve his community as a volunteer 11 years running. As a tradesperson working in this province for over 25 years it's beyond frustrating watching current and previous governments adopt rules and regulations without any consultation with industry. The purpose of our government is to support industry, not to try and control it. This is one of the reasons why I decided to run in this election, to help bring about common sense change, change that can only be realized by voting for Atlantica Party candidates. Without input from trade professionals it is not possible for any government to make sound policy decisions. For all of us to succeed we need a government that not only provides 100% industry support but also recognizes the value that each and every trade professional contributes to the overall success of Nova Scotia. The future for our tradespeople looks very bright and it’s vitally important that we work hand in hand in order to unleash our economy to its full potential. I support all tradespersons in this province and would do everything possible to ensure that their voices are respected and heard in all areas, whether it’s regulations, workforce development, lack of consultation with industry, investing in infrastructure, increased private sector investment, progress towards a greener economy and innovation and technological advancement. We are eager to work with all industries on ways to contribute to the future prosperity of our province.


08 - Chester-St. Margaret's

I would like to introduce myself to you as the Atlantica Party Candidate in the riding of Chester – St. Margarets in the upcoming Provincial Election. 

I am honoured to call this place home for the past forty years, residing in the communities that make up the district. As a hockey and soccer coach volunteer for over twenty years, I have observed a cross-section of the community, and understand our needs. My forty year career as an electrician and carpenter has given me a strong work ethic, attention to detail, and an appreciation for the struggles many families face. I am prepared to stand up for those who need their voices heard. 

Our riding has much to offer the province and nation. I believe we need a leader who is only motivated by seeing our area be successful for everyone living here. From the lack of rentals and housing, to conserving our natural water and lands, to a better appreciation of how our history is tied with our future, I will strive to ensure our communities will continue to be a place where we can live, work and play.

I believe my voice will make a difference when bringing your concerns to Province House, and will ensure the voice of Chester-St Margaret will be heard.


05 - Bedford South

Alan is a cybersecurity expert, currently working on analog encryption using hardware that would be unhackable using software tools. Alan has over 20 years of experience in IT. All of the other parties failed Nova Scotia for decades making it more dependent on equalization payments and deeper in debt while having the second highest provincial tax rates in Canada (after Quebec), being closed to criticism, not held accountable for their harmful policies, causing negative migration of businesses and people from the province and severely depressing our economy. We're here to change that! Our top value is freedom. We seek to maximize personal freedom and economic freedom, freedom of choice and free markets, and we understand that freedom comes with responsibility, we do not believe that one should pay for the mistakes of another, we do not believe that the successful should be punished for the failure of others and we do not believe that big corporates should receive favoring conditions they abuse for blocking competition from small businesses! We want to have strong and healthy competition in all sectors that would benefit all and cause prosperity for businesses and individuals, lower taxes, maximal personal freedom, dissolve welfare traps (provide fishing rods, not fish) and make Nova Scotia a have province with a balanced budget, not dependent on equalization payments anymore, attractive for businesses and people, a model province for other provinces to wish to become like.


38 - Lunenburg


John Giannakos was born in Halifax 1959 and graduated from NSIT in 1983 with a degree in Petroleum Resources Technology. 

He has worked at GeoVann as a Certified Completion Specialist. He has worked offshore of Nova Scotia and Newfoundland and onshore in Alberta from 1984 - 1986.

Since 1986, John has owned and run the Hellas Restaurant, but has recently retired from small business.

John ran as a candidate for the PC Party of Nova Scotia in 2003 and 2017.

To restore the freedoms, rights and liberties that we have enjoyed as Canadians. A government that uses common sense spending. To maintain a clean environment with the rights to clean air and clean water. To push for a "Senoirs Bill of Rights".


12 - Colchester North


First generation Canadian born of German immigrant parents. Born and raised near Montreal, QC. Married for almost 21 years to a qu├Ębecoise. 2 children aged 18 and 17. 

Studied Economics and Theology and Concordia University, followed by Business at Champlain College and Yorkville University. 

Currently employed in the transportation industry. Been a truck driver for 15 years. 

I believe that humankind is created in the image of Almighty God. As such, we are endowed with His likeness and are granted the rights of Life, Freedom, and the Happiness. 

Protection of freedoms is greatest of all government responsibilities. I am running for office because I see the government and the political elites infringing on our freedoms. The value of the separation of church and state has been lost. The government broke that when they issued restrictions on our gathering together and how we can worship.

Marxism is about putting the collective above the individual. It is time to return to Judeo-Christian values of freedom in our government. 

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