Help Us All Win for Nova Scotia


Help Us All Win for Nova Scotia


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With the next provincial election only 3-1/2 years away, you might think that a small party like Atlantica has been taking an extended break and will only reassemble shortly before the next election. 

Nothing Could Be Farther From The Truth!

We have been working HARDER THAN EVER to ensure that we are prepared to win seats in the next election.  Given our limited resources (both monetarily and in terms of volunteers), running 15 candidates (most with over 100 votes) was truly remarkable. But we need your help, DONATE <can you chip in today?>


Atlantica is no longer content with “moral victories.”  We want seats in the legislature to allow our brand of co-operative, non-partisan common sense politics to represent you, your family, and your community no matter where you live in beautiful Nova Scotia.


Since the election, we have added dozens of new Members and raised thousands of dollars.  However, we need your continued support to make Nova Scotia a “have” province once again!



Time is running out to make your end of the year donation to Atlantica for your tax deduction!


Please consider DONATING $25.00 today which amounts to just $6.50 after the 2017 tax deduction to help our volunteers set the foundation for the Atlantica Party representing you and be your voice in government.



Sincerely Yours,

Jonathan Dean and the Atlantica Team




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