Why should you help Atlantica to continue winning?

We know that you’ve not heard much from us lately at the Atlantica Party, but we’ve got good news!

We came out victorious!

That’s right, the Atlantica Party is the first party in Nova Scotia, and possibly Canada, to fight de-registration and win!

It took countless hours of hard work by our dedicated executive, but we won our case, and Elections Nova Scotia has allowed us to continue to be your voice for common sense in politics.

That being said, we are re-focused and determined to grow this Party to make positive changes. But we need YOUR HELP!

By purchasing a $15 membership or becoming a $20 monthly donor, you’re helping us push common sense, evidence-based policies that people are paying attention to more and more.

Show the people at Province House that Nova Scotians will no longer sit idly by while they play political games and waste the tax money you worked hard for.

Click here to make a donation and support common sense.

Thank you for your continued support.


Your Atlantica Executive