Where’s Waldo - I mean, Stephen McNeil?



Where’s Waldo - I mean, Stephen McNeil?


Where is Stephen McNeil on the Trudeau Tax Increases?


As we get close to the beginning of the fall legislature, many people in our great province are voicing opposition to the new proposed tax legislation tabled by the federal government which increases the tax burden on incorporated professionals and small business. Through all the commotion, our premier is not to be found speaking up for the people of Nova Scotia. Worried groups speaking out against this tax are our doctors, farmers, fishermen, and numerous small business owners. In particular our doctors have an agreement with the federal government that dates back to 1995, which allowed them to incorporate since they don’t receive any benefits or pension from the health system. Incorporation provides their retirement. The provincial NDP already hurt the ability to attract doctors when they brought the threshold for the small business tax rate down to $350,000, while other provinces average around $500,000. Yet our timid provincial government remains as quiet as mice on this pressing issue.

If anyone has seen the person on this milk carton please return him to the people of Nova Scotia, so we may get some answers:

1. The federal government is already too big, too expensive, involved in too many areas and takes too much revenue from the economy. So why more taxation?

2. These changes reduce the amount of capital businesses need to expand. Won’t this damage job creation?

3. How is this going to affect professionals here in Nova Scotia, in particular doctors of which there is already a shortage? Will this make things worse?

4. Since Nova Scotia has the highest taxes in Canada is there no concern for an extra outflow of professionals (over and above the normal outflow) from the province?

5. And what about process? This is rule by decree – not democracy. The federal government simply announced the changes as a fait accompli. Will there be a free and open debate by Parliament?

6. Where are Nova Scotia's MPs? Will their votes on this bill be coerced by the Liberal Party? If so is this not taxation without representation? This would be a good time for our Nova Scotia MPs not to be party-line toadies and actually represent Nova Scotians for a change and vote against this bill.

7. Where is Stephen McNeil on this issue? Will he stay silent because he is a Liberal despite the adverse effects expected? There is certainly no benefit in this for Nova Scotia. More money shipped far away to rich Ontario from impoverished Nova Scotia. More money out of the pockets of fishermen, lawyers, doctors, small family business, accountants, architects, farmers and others.


Bill Archer

Jonathan G Dean


Atlantica Party