We're Still Here Because of YOU!

We’re Still Here Because Of YOU!

Thank you once again! Because of generous supporters like you, we have exceeded our appeal target! Our mandatory expenses have been covered for our reinstatement on August 15th.

With our reinstatement, we would like to remind you that The Atlantica Party exists to bring Common Sense to Nova Scotia politics.

Common Sense politics means common sense policy and here are a few:

  • Eliminate small business taxes entirely. If small businesses are allowed to keep more of their revenue, they will be able to grow much easier without the current tax burden. Growth leads to JOBS for more Nova Scotians. Red tape is also removed allowing resources to be freed up to allow them to compete better in the marketplace. The real winner here, is YOU, the consumer.
  • Reduce corporate taxes to 8.5%. This would be a full 3% lower than Ontario and by far the lowest in the country. With an 8.5% (currently 16%) corporate tax rate, companies would be enticed to move their corporate offices here.
  • Recorded votes in the Nova Scotia Legislature, because YAY and NAY just isn’t good enough to hold your politicians accountable for their voting record
  • Setting a minimum numbers of days for elected officials to show up for work in the Legislature. When you miss work, your boss holds you accountable. Let's do the same  for our elected officials. Add fines for failure to meet the standard.

Tell us what you think because we’re all about better ideas. We’re gearing up for a membership drive immediately after our reinstatement, and we will need your help to continue to bring Common Sense ideas to Nova Scotians!


  • SHARE your thoughts with the Atlantica Party on Facebook, Twitter, and email.
  • SHARE our messages on social media. The more people who hear our Common Sense ideas, the more we can do for Nova Scotia.
  • Make a PLEDGE to support our membership drive.
  • VOLUNTEER with the Atlantica Party! We need people to help us. If you’re an expert in a field, we really need you to help out with evidence-based policy.

A pledge of $20 today is just $5 after the income tax deductions. Please ensure that the Atlantica Party is there to fight for Nova Scotians, and help us grow!

Please email with:

  • Your pledge amount
  • Your full name
  • Your civic address
  • Whether this is a 1-time or monthly donation

(Only Nova Scotia residents are eligible to pledge a contribution.)

You can honour your pledge after our reinstatement on August 15th.

A pledge to the Atlantica Party is a pledge for democracy, common sense, prosperity for you and all Nova Scotians.


Your Atlantica Executive