We did it

Thanks to the Atlantica Army's generous support, we raised enough to pay our 2016 audit bill in full!!!  Without your support, we would have been in serious danger of not being able to continue our important fight for you, your children, and your grandchildren.  Thank you so much to all of those who contributed!!
There Is Still More To Be Done!!
We now need to raise $6,000.00 by September 30!!!
The majority of this money is needed to pay for election expenses including our upcoming general election audit.

During the election campaign, many candidates and other volunteers donated their own money to the Party and we are very grateful for that. Many of these same people, also LENT money as they understood that a party that was less than one year old faced with a snap election had extremely limited financial resources to conduct an election campaign.

Thanks to these tremendous sacrifices in both time AND money, Atlantica was able to field candidates in almost one-third of ridings, with most candidates receiving over 100 votes!



A $1000 donation costs you only $250 after the tax credit!

(You get 75% back up to $750)


As a BRAND NEW PARTY, we do not have the luxuries of the Big 3 (who raise over $1 million per YEAR!)
Believe me, it gives me no satisfaction to reach out to hardworking Nova Scotians (who are already over-taxed by an out of control, overreaching government) and ask them to reach into their pockets for whatever else may still remain.  

However, it is this oppressive government (and all the other parties who support their big government ideology) that we are fighting against.

I wish ideas and word of mouth was enough but for this movement to have any chance of survival. You, one of our thousands and thousands of supporters all across Nova Scotia, MUST start funding the cause and join the party. 

My pledge to you is that as long as Atlantica has the financial resources to survive, I WILL NEVER GIVE UP FIGHTING FOR YOU!


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Sincerely Yours,
Jonathan Dean