We believe in diversity of education

School Bus

Charter schools are a common sense model for Nova Scotia schools. Based on a report published by the Atlantic Institute for Market Studies, “charter schools on average almost always score better than all other types of schools." [1]


With Nova Scotia schools scoring near the bottom for Canadian provinces in educational testing, something needs to change to bring our kids back to (and above) the national average.[2]


“Charter schools are autonomous, government-funded, non-profit, public schools which charge no tuition. Each school offers a unique approach". This new opportunity for educational excellence is not limited to families who can afford tuition for private schooling. The same taxes being paid to our underperforming education system can be routed to a school of your choice that suits the needs of your child. Learning is not a one size fits all approach, which is why Alberta, a charter school friendly province, is amongst the top ranked provinces in educational outcomes. [1]


As a bonus, “Based on 2015 numbers from the Fraser Institute” Alberta is saving $4,284 per student. When translated to Nova Scotia this is a potential savings of $0.5 billion annually. [1, 3]


This positive change requires little thought on behalf of Nova Scotia parents and taxpayers to recognize what this fix can do for our province.


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