Using Nurses More Efficiently for Better Healthcare

According to a study commissioned by the Pharmacy Association of Nova Scotia, 88% of Nova Scotians are worried about our healthcare system, in part because we don’t have enough doctors to properly serve our needs. 

And, it’s no wonder. Our government has mismanaged healthcare with bad policies. This has left our communities in a crisis and it’s only getting worse. We need to reverse this trend and start implementing some common sense.

The Atlantica Party proposes several low-cost solutions that can improve the effectiveness of our healthcare system overall. 

On average, family physicians cost twice as much as Nurse Practitioners or Registered Nurse First Assists. 

By replacing doctors with these Nurses where appropriate, more doctor hours are freed up to serve their patients in their clinics, which saves the system money and that saves you your hard earned tax dollars.


Currently, surgeons who need assistance in the operating room employ family physicians that could otherwise be seeing patients. But Nurses could be filling that role and freeing up those precious doctor hours. Nova Scotia is behind the times on this issue, as Nurses have been doing this elsewhere for years.

The immediate benefits from this are obvious. 

  1. Replacing doctors with Nurses would be far less costly. 
  2. Doctors would be more available to their patients for much needed care.
  3. Patients would be better served and less likely to end up in the emergency room or to require surgery. 

This would be a fantastic improvement for our healthcare system and a win for all Nova Scotians.