Do you have $6.25 to help the Atlantica Party continue to fight for lower taxes, more freedom, and more government accountability? That's the amount a $25 donation will cost you after the tax deduction!

Atlantica needs to raise $2,300 by August 15 to pay its 2016 audit bill.
This is part of the regular cost of doing business as a political party in this province.

The Atlantica Party made history earlier this year as the only new party since Confederation to run 15 candidates in its first election!!

This came at a large financial cost to the Party, but it was determined that it would be worth it to help raise Atlantica's profile.  Indeed, the Party received far more press coverage than it ever has and thousands of Nova Scotians either joined the Party or contacted us to find out more.

If you care about improving life in Nova Scotia for yourself, your family, and all future generations of Nova Scotians and have the means to donate, please donate TODAY.

I'm not asking for the $1 million+ that the Big 3 raise annually; I'm merely asking for you to help this party be able to have an opportunity to continue fighting for YOU.




Yours sincerely,

Jonathan Dean

Leader of the Atlantica Party