Union Hydra - Should unions be lobbyists?

The recent actions of some public sector unions in Nova Scotia and the vote by the NSTU membership in favour of a strike mandate has raised serious issues. These issues need your voice as a potential illegal strike would affect all Nova Scotians.

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Did you know that any person or company that does what the unions in Nova Scotia are doing would have to formally register as lobbyists, and thus would be held accountable to provincial legislation governing lobbying?

Why can unions avoid these rules, when it’s obvious that they are actually lobbying? 


The Atlantica Party of Nova Scotia believes that if public sector unions wish to be so involved in directing policy, they should have to register as lobbyists, and thereby follow all laws regarding lobbying the provincial government. Our party would make this law and enforceable, and hold any person, company or union accountable for such lobbying actions.

Atlantica’s Interim Leader, Ryan Smyth, stated, "It's unacceptable for public sector unions to force influence over government policy without oversight. It raises serious ethical questions and poses a conflict of interest. Unions are meant to assist and represent their members in negotiations with management, which in this case is the provincial government. They were never meant to improperly influence government policy or leverage our children as bargaining chips to influence policy. This is a bane to Nova Scotians and simply cannot be allowed to continue."

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