Transparency and Accountability Reform

Considering the current situations unfolding in Ottawa and here in Nova Scotia, the Atlantica Party wishes to reiterate our dedication to transparency and accountability in government. The people of Nova Scotia must be empowered to hold government to account.

The following are some ways to strengthen our democracy and make that happen:

  • Recall Legislation: Make elected MLAs accountable to the people in their riding
  • Public Allowance of Laws/Acts: Because good ideas can come from anywhere
  • Strengthen the Lobbying Act: Make lobbying open and transparent and punish those who violate the law
  • Allow Free Voting in the Legislature: Allow MLAs to support their ridings and not necessarily their party
  • Recorded Voting and Attendance: MLAs are hired by Nova Scotians, and as such, Nova Scotians have a right to know what their employees are doing
  • Restoring Power to the People: The offices that ostensibly are tasked with holding government to account should have the power to do so

See our full policy here.

Would you like to see greater democratic power in the hands of everyday Nova Scotians?

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It’s a long journey, but together we can make it down the path to common sense.