Things Went South

Cumberland South

The Atlantica Party of Nova Scotia is disappointed to announce that we will not be fielding a candidate in the current Cumberland South by-election.

Our previously announced intended candidate, Bill Archer, was presented with an excellent career opportunity that will see him employed overseas for the final three weeks of the election. We believe that it would be unfair to the residents of Cumberland County to run a candidate that would be out of the riding for those crucial weeks of the campaign.

The Party considered several different options to address this unforeseen circumstance. Ultimately, it was decided that we’d sit out this by-election and continue to build our volunteer base and profile province-wide.

While this is disappointing, we cannot in good faith participate. This would be unfair to the people who we would represent.

While we won’t be participating, we hope that this by-election stimulates discussion, and that the best ideas win.

Atlantica Party Executive
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