The Great Cobequid Mystery


Well here we sit not long after an election, and the first of many political tussles has begun. Is the Cobequid Toll gone in 2019? Is it now staying until 2026? Have the Liberals broken their first election promise? Or are the Conservatives merely looking to score political points?

Last year the Conservative Leader kicked up some controversy over the Liberal move to extend the paying off of the highway from 2019 until 2026. This was of course a political move by the reigning Liberals, using some financial slight-of-hand to make the books look better than they actually were. Then during the election, the Liberals again promised that the toll highway would be paid off in 2019, and the toll removed.

This brings to the forefront some very important questions;

  • Are the tolls going to be removed, and if so, when?
  • What will happen with the corporation that was created for the Cobequid Pass and its employees?
  • How much revenue will be lost? Will taxes be increased elsewhere?

The current loss in revenue should be raising alarm bells, my guess is government plans to keep the toll and all of its bureaucracy. If they do remove the toll, given Nova Scotia's wobbly financial state, everyone should anticipate some sort of tax increase in another area to compensate for the loss in revenue.


Bill Archer

Atlantica Party


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