The Future is Now

The Future is Now

The Atlantica Party Association of Nova Scotia is proud to announce Bryden DeAdder as our new President.

Already a political veteran at the young age of 20, Bryden, born and raised in Kentville, understands first hand the needs of Nova Scotians and has the tools capable of unlocking the potential of this beautiful province.

Politics in Nova Scotia has always been an old boys club. It is the best practice, however, to employ the individual that is the most capable for the job - Indiscriminate of identity politics. The Executive firmly believes that Bryden is the right choice to steer our ship towards the next election.

Bryden was our candidate for Kings North, obtaining 72 votes in the constituency against veteran politician and current PC leadership candidate, John Lohr. In September, he will begin a Business program at the NSCC, and we are confident that he will be able to effectively balance his role as President with the demands of student life.

“Nova Scotia’s greatest resource is her people,” says Bryden.

“This is a province that’s in a stranglehold of bureaucratic red tape. It doesn’t help anybody. We need to help ourselves before we can stand to help anybody else. Ending government monopolies and giving everyone the equal opportunity of access to the economy will breed success for everyone indiscriminately. There are a lot of people here suffering and it’s a shame because when Nova Scotians succeed, Nova Scotia succeeds. The greater the freedom, the greater the prosperity, and that’s something worth fighting for.”

The Atlantica Party Association of Nova Scotia Executive


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