Open Letter to the Forgotten 79%



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The Nova Scotia Legislature opens on September 21 for its first session after the May election and we will see how representative democracy works; each MLA proudly debating and voting their informed conscience, representing their constituents’ interest and the interest of Nova Scotia as a whole in free vote after free vote ... yeah right! In fact our MLAs are party-line toadies representing no one but their party’s interests. It’s time for you to demand your rights!  This was how visionaries such as Joseph Howe saw the legislature working, but today you are not represented there.

But at least our electoral system is representative. Wrong. Consider this: Only 54% of eligible Nova Scotian electors voted in May. Out of those 54%, the Liberal Party received 39% of the vote.  In other words, 21% of the voting public elected the Liberals to a majority government.  Stephen McNeil has asserted that he has a "strong mandate" to govern. How is one out of five people a "strong mandate" or even a “mandate”? Who represents the other 79%? Stephen McNeil has no mandate to run this province yet 99% of all bills introduced are created in the Premier's Office and then strong-armed through the Legislature. That is called Rule By Decree.

Without major changes our Non-Representative Non-Democracy will continue. Given Nova Scotia’s downward trajectory it is no longer helpful to say ‘Well that is how the system works’.

The Atlantica Party is the only party that has consistently spoken out against the undemocratic nature of our electoral and legislative systems and is committed to real change on both issues. On September 21, please remember that the Atlantica Party is dedicated to representing all Nova Scotia taxpayers, not just the one-in-five who support the Premier.

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Jonathan G Dean


Atlantica Party