Atlantica Needs Your Help To Get Nova Scotia back on track!



Atlantica Needs Your Help To Get Nova Scotia back on track!




We asked for help and you listened!! Thank You Nova Scotia!


Your generous support allows us to move forward. Thanks to our loyal “Atlantica Supporters” we are well on our way to paying off the mandatory 2017 election auditing costs!

Your support has shown us that you believe in real democracy for all Nova Scotians but we still need your help to reach this goal.

Can you chip in $8.64 TODAY to help us pay the remaining $1,293.83 of our GOVERNMENT-MANDATED auditing costs? 



This is a very exciting time for the Atlantica Party.  Just in the past week, we have expanded our executive board, moved our headquarters to the historic town of Springhill, and established a concrete game plan to TAKE SEATS IN THE NEXT ELECTION.

I want to state clearly to all of you, that our intention is not to be a lobby group or merely a fringe party.  Our mission is to represent all Nova Scotians fairly with seats in the House of Assembly.

By-elections are very unpredictable and can occur at ANY TIME.  An important part of being ready involves clearing our 2017 election expenses and preparing for any eventuality.


Invest $8.64 or more NOW to ensure Atlantica provides you with a strong, meaningful voice for ALL Nova Scotians. Remember, all donations qualify for a 75% tax receipt.




Jonathan Dean

Leader, Atlantica Party


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