Atlantica Party Statement regarding the Nova Scotia Teacher Dispute

The Atlantica Party is glad the labour dispute between the government and Nova Scotia teachers is finally over.  The province as employer is absolutely within its rights to manage employees as it sees fit. And teachers do have a choice; they can accept or quit. The problem is this rather drastic option does not create goodwill either with the teachers or their union.

It should never have come to this.  

Stephen McNeil and Karen Casey's mismanagement combined with the NSTU's intransigence led to students and parents being used as pawns in this unnecessary exercise. All the old parties that have governed this province have failed to reign in an out-of-control education bureaucracy and spending, directly hurting the pocketbooks of ordinary Nova Scotians while leaving students far behind their peers in the rest of Canada and the world.  Unlike Premier McNeil, socialist leader Mr. Burrill and Nova Scotia's most prominent fake conservative, Mr. Baillie, the Atlantica Party will always put taxpayers' interests first.