Atlantica Would Cut HST By 2% And Double Personal Income Tax Exemption



In 2010, the NDP government of Nova Scotia raised the HST to 15% to make Nova Scotia the highest taxed province in all of Canada. The Liberal government of Stephen McNeil clearly believes that this hike was appropriate evidenced by its refusal to reverse it. And where is the so-called party of lower taxes, the PCs on this issue? Their silence truly speaks volumes.

David F. Boyd and the Atlantica Party want ALL NOVA SCOTIANS to pay LESS TAXES to help them invest in their and their families’ future. That is why he is tirelessly campaigning for a seat in the June 18th Sackville-Cobequid By-Election calling for an immediate reduction of the HST by 2% and a doubling of the personal income tax exemption to $17,000 (in line with what most other provinces allow).

While these measures will likely barely be felt by career politicians or aerospace engineers, David F. Boyd understands the impact it will have on the majority of hard-working blue collar Nova Scotians just like him. 

“I’ve heard from countless Nova Scotians who are living paycheque to paycheque and struggling to get by,” Boyd says.

“What really motivated me to run for the Atlantica Party is the knowledge that the vast majority of its members truly understand what it’s like to get nickeled-and-dimed by governments, and they’ve finally had enough. I just don’t see that other passion for helping the middle and lower class from any of the other parties.”

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