Atlantica Party will slash MLA pensions



An Atlantica Party government will reform Nova Scotia MLA pensions, salaries and benefits.

The public needs to be involved in reviewing the salary and expense regime of their representatives. When one becomes a public servant paid from the public purse then one must accept a fair and public element to remuneration and benefits. The Atlantica Party’s mission of smaller, transparent and accountable government means our representatives need to set an example of lower costs and less waste. Therefore, an Atlantica Party government will:

1. Replace the current 22 to 1 (that is taxpayers contribute directly and indirectly 22 times more than the MLA) pension scheme with a dollar for dollar personally directed RRSP where MLAs and taxpayers contribute equally. This is fair and easy to understand. It is also the same retirement plan that many working Nova Scotians have. All Atlantica Party MLAs will be bound by this whether it is the law or not.

2. Ensure MLAs who have committed a crime related to their office be stripped of their pension privileges.

3. End the ‘show up for work’ bonus and make all political expenses receipt-able and disclosed online as part of a larger transparency movement in government. 

4. Have an independent citizen panel;

  • review and set MLA salaries,
  • tie salary increases to reasonable indicators of the provincial economic performance such as wealth creation per capita and
  • decide if MLAs can keep items purchased with the household allowance among other things.