Rome Burned While Nero Played his Violin

Rome Burning

The McNeil Liberals have just announced a spending spree based on a one-time nearly $245 million windfall from offshore oil and gas revenues. This brings up some important questions that must be answered. 

  1. What happened to the Rodney MacDonald conservative legislation mandating that all oil and gas revenue be used to pay down the province’s debt? [1]
  2. What happened to the Darrel Dexter NDP ending of “March madness”? [2]

The Atlantica Party of Nova Scotia firmly supports TRUE balanced budgets, and paying off our provincial debt. In saying this, the party will put in place legislation to ensure that all revenue from onshore and offshore oil and gas revenue will be used to pay down provincial debt, and any attempt to change this will require a referendum that the people of Nova Scotia will have to vote in favour of.

It’s time that the people of Nova Scotia are empowered to control how their government spends their money, and the Atlantica Party wants to ensure that everyone is a part of shaping the future of the province.

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[1] Offshore Offset Revenues Expenditure Act

[2] Budget 2013 Brings Province Back to Balance