Responsible Resource Development

In light of the recent release of the Nova Scotia budget that shows that our annual budget requires 34.1% in federal transfer payments, and with the Alberta United Conservative party and New Brunswick premier announcing that if elected they’ll fight to reduce these transfers to provinces that don’t develop their own resources, the Atlantica Party again calls for a lifting on moratoriums and bans and allowing responsible resource development in Nova Scotia.

Natural resources - forestry

We believe that proper regulation can be implemented in order to protect Nova Scotia’s interests and environment, which could lead to the province becoming a have province for the first time in generations.

Some of the initiatives that would be in this regulation would include:

  • Water quality testing before, during, and after development.
  • Placing money in a blind trust for reclamation to ensure the environment can be returned to pre-development states. This would be done either prior to commencement, or through higher royalties collected during the first years of commercialization of the resource.
  • Ensuring that the windfall from this production would go directly to paying off the provincial debt first, and then remaining funds would go into a provincial war chest (similar to funds in Alberta, Alaska, and Norway) to ensure that current and future Nova Scotians benefit from this development. We do not believe that resource windfalls should lead to increased spending by the government.

Do we believe that our fathers, mothers, sons, and daughters that leave to work in these industries truly would want to harm our beautiful province? We believe that all that they want to do is to be able to provide a good life and future for their families and communities, and it is time for them to come home and make that a reality. Help us on our common path to common sense for a future that sees a prosperous and strong Nova Scotia.

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