Response to Bruce Lantz’s article

Response to 

“Only radical electoral reform can fix voter disconnect” by Bruce Lantz Published: The Chronicle Herald August 17, 2015


Mr. Lantz is correct our democracy, whether federal or provincial, is withering as less and less people vote. But electoral reform is not enough to fix the problem. We need leaders and parties to present compelling visions and we need major reforms to our democracy to create political discourse 365 days a year. All of Mr. Lantz’s ideas are good except one. Electronic voting, abolish the Senate, every vote a free vote, and recall are all needed reforms (and they are not at all radical). Particularly good is the standardization of social media, website and mandatory town meetings for all MLAs. Speaking as a former and future candidate mandating a series of debates in each riding leading up to Election Day is also a good idea.

However his first point of forcing parties into the old left-right system to recreate a ‘two-party’ system will not work. Parties have the right to appeal directly for support. Plus who decides the left/right? What happens to centrist parties?  Independent Candidates? What about parties that do not fit the old left-right paradigm such as libertarians? No, reform the voting system to make it fair, welcome all and one then let the voter decide.

Otherwise good stuff.