Respect the taxpayer: Privatize the NSLC

Halifax, NS:  It is the position of the Atlantica Party that the sale of alcohol and cannabis should be the role of the private market. Provinces like Alberta and Quebec have successfully proven that the government does not need to be involved in retail.


According to the Atlantic Institute for Market Studies, privatization is a multi billion dollar opportunity for all provinces in the Atlantic region. It will stimulate business growth, increase revenue and allow governments to focus on more important files like public safety and healthcare.

This change would help reduce the cost and size of government with a phased transition period that would allow the government to institute a public sector hiring freeze. Employees will have the opportunity to be retrained and re-tasked to other departments or to be free to shift to the private industry where they can apply their expertise and become leaders in the free market.

It is time to make bold moves in Nova Scotia and reduce the size of government. It is time to put the taxpayer first.