Recalling bad turkeys but not bad MLAs

Websites abound over “recalls” of defective consumer products, vehicles, food and health products. But there is very little about “recalling” a politician. We can recall bad turkeys overnight, but we can’t recall a bad MLA! There’s something wrong here. 

Although modern governments have given us universal suffrage, they have given us universal suffering, and this is not good for our democratic health. And the present law seems to be rigged in favour of keeping bad MLAs. 

The Atlantica Party aims to change this by introducing “Recall” legislation like BC has had for 20 years. BC’s Chief Electoral Officer has approved 26 Recall petitions in that time. It enables the voters to remove an elected politician. Some jurisdictions even use Recall to remove “unelected” officials such as bureaucrats and judges. Recall can toss out a bad MLA without tossing out the whole governing party. 

The Federal Liberals promised more democratic government but they will take years to make any changes. As the Dean of a law school in Australia wrote to me years ago, “I am bound to say that our politicians would prefer something that would make it easier for them to change the rules without reference to the people.”

Let’s increase democracy with reference to the people by allowing legislative Recall in Nova Scotia. 

David Morgan

Atlantica Party