Policy Brief

The following are short synopses of policy put forward by the Atlantica Party Association of Nova Scotia.

Alleviate the Healthcare Crisis Through Positive Incentives

We propose allowing doctors to bill in their overtime hours through insurance tickets. This will create more "doctor hours" and promote the greater health of Nova Scotians.

See our full policy paper here.

Bring Back Accountability to Provide Transparency in Government

You as the taxpayer have a right to know how your taxes are being spent and what is happening in Province House. Votes by MLAs should be recorded and published for all to see. There is no excuse for the opacity we currently have in government. Transparency provides accountability, and accountability is owed to Nova Scotians.

Poor performance in the private sector leads to termination and the Atlantica Party sees no reason why this should not apply to elected officials as well. MLAs are elected to represent their constituents, but there is no recourse to remove officials who abandon this duty. The Atlantica Party wants Nova Scotians to have the opportunity to hold their elected officials accountable between elections by implementing a recall system similar to that already in place in British Columbia.

See our policy on transparency and accountability here.

Eliminate Government Monopolies

Monopolies hurt consumers. The purpose of government is to foster the well-being of those it governs. Monopolies are directly at odds with this purpose and have no rightful place in society. One example of a government monopoly is the NSLC.

Eliminate Burdensome Regulations

Regulation is a tool to ensure the proper operation of its object. However, there comes a point when regulation instead of helping, becomes burdensome and counterproductive. Such regulation should be repealed. One example is the burdensome regulation in the healthcare industry where instead of helping, it becomes an obstruction for healthcare professionals in the performance of their jobs.

Reduce Taxes

Nova Scotians are some of the mostly highly taxed people in Canada. Many economists recognise that beyond a certain “sweet spot”, taxation becomes counterproductive and damaging to people and the economy. Further, as the dual effect of taxation is to raise revenue for government and to disincentivise the activity taxed, tax reductions lead to greater incentives for economic activity, which leads to wealth creation and prosperity. Atlantica policies aim for government tax revenues to take a smaller pieces of a larger pie.

Eliminate All Corporate Welfare

Companies should never require government assistance to compete in the marketplace. If their products or services are wanted, people will pay for them. Companies should be allowed to fail; others can take their place. The Atlantica position is that all corporate subsidies/welfare should be eliminated post haste.

Provide Greater Choice for Families

Nobody is better able than you to make better choices for you and your children; certainly not the government. This is why the Atlantica Party wants to increase the choices available for the education of your children through the introduction of not-for-profit Charter Schools. This will simultaneously save taxpayers money, provide higher accountability for teachers, and improve the level and quality of education that all Nova Scotian children will receive.

No Carbon Tax

It is not possible to alter the weather or climate through taxation. Any suggestion otherwise is at best deluded. It is readily apparent that any carbon tax would be nothing more than a tax grab. The Atlantica position is that Nova Scotia reject any carbon tax or similar taxation measures entirely.