Paramedics in Crisis

Last week, Michael Nickerson, President of the International Union of Operating Engineers Local 727 issued a grave warning to the Province about the state of Nova Scotia’s Paramedics.

Due to delays in transferring patients to hospital care, paramedics are spending more time attending to patients through the transfer process versus the time spent responding to emergency 911 calls.

As first responders, Nova Scotia’s Paramedics make up a critical part of emergency services and according to Nickerson these transfer delays are placing an increased demand on paramedics. Simply put,”they are becoming worn out and burnt out” says Nickerson.Due to the current state of healthcare in Cape Breton, Nickerson has further acknowledged that there are times where ambulances and paramedics aren’t available to respond to emergency calls. [i]

The staffing shortages among paramedics is yet another signal that the Nova Scotia Health Authority is facing a healthcare crisis. To date, Health Minister Randy Delorey has not properly responded to these latest developments. [ii]

Where is Randy Delorey on the Nova Scotian Health Crisis?