On Drinking Local

Mr. Black just published a two-part article called "Drinking local" where he discusses the impact of the success of local wineries and brewers. It is good news all around, thriving local business, jobs, interesting products and a good impact on tourism. Except it is bad for government. Since the NSLC is a monopoly it decides how much profit various participants receive. Local producers get a greater share of the profit when sold in NSLC stores compared to none-local producers. 

Mr. Black correctly states the NSLC is essentially a taxation scheme whose only aim is to "achieve a revenue goal". He defends the extortionist prices charged as how we get 'free' medical care (which is inaccurate - the NSLC provides less than 3% of government revenues and medical care is not free). Successful local producers hurt the profit margins of the NSLC so something needs to be done. Unfortunately, Mr. Black’s solution is wrong.  Rather than take issue with the irresponsible and unsustainable government spending forcing the issue he capitulates to the status-quo and suggests successful local producers should pay more.

The real solution is for government to be cut back to fiscal sustainability, taxes and costs lowered, stop all subsidies and get rid of the NSLC and other barriers holding business back. 

Jonathan Geoffrey Dean


Atlantica Party

This is a response to Mr. Black’s editorials of January 14 & 21 2017 in the Chronicle Herald. http://thechronicleherald.ca/opinion/1431995-black-drinking-local-%E2%80%94-this-party-comes-with-a-hangover