Ok – I’ll Admit that I’m Confused Now

This is Fine(Image Source: K.C. Green’s Gunshow comic #648 January 9th, 2013 http://gunshowcomic.com/648)

Ok – I’ll Admit that I’m Confused Now

The current teacher and government clash is understood to be for improvements to classroom conditions, and the advancement of education for our children.

Why then does the Halifax County President of the NSTU release this?

GRANT FROST: Glaze’s banner-waving on student achievement really a smokescreen

"I was struck by how even many of these engaged citizens were unaware of how good a job our system actually does of educating our young people." - Grant Frost, Chronicle Herald March 1st, 2018

If everything is allegedly okay with our education system, why are teachers constantly calling for even more support from the government? 

We continuously hear, through the media, that our education system is in crisis, as is our healthcare system, yet the President of the HRM NSTU suddenly points out that we’re doing just fine?

Nova Scotia is a small province with very limited resources. It’s time for everyone to just be honest. If we are meeting the requirements of our children and future, then what’s all the fuss about?


Bill Archer

Official Spokesperson - Atlantica Executive Member


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