Official Release from the Atlantica Party of Nova Scotia Executive

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Official Release from the Atlantica Party of Nova Scotia Executive




We are saddened to announce that our founder and leader, Jonathan Dean, intends to step down in order to pursue his career in the private sector, and dedicate more time to his family. He has graciously offered to stay on as Leader and assist in the transition to the next generation of The Atlantica Party. 


Mr. Dean started out with an idea in 2005 that governance in Nova Scotia can and should be done differently. He believed that Nova Scotians had all of the necessary tools to be “a have” province, and should not require transfer payments.


Mr. Dean tirelessly promoted these fundamental ideals, and attempted to form a political party on several occasions. This effort finally came to fruition with the Atlantica Party being founded and formed in August of 2016. 


In an extremely short time, the party rose up to field 15 diverse and qualified candidates in a snap 2017 election. The Atlantica party then moved their headquarters to Springhill to better support rural Nova Scotians and in anticipation of a possible byelection. We recently have noticed a glaring trend where the other parties are gravitating towards the Atlantica Party’s policy of common sense politics and policies, to the point where they have absorbed them into their own. Despite not having a single elected MLA, Mr. Dean’s vision is permeating and influencing the rest of the political landscape.


The Atlantica Party will now move forward and continue to follow the noble ideals and solid ground work set in place by Mr. Dean, through the continuation of reforming policies that directly impact all Nova Scotians. The Atlantica Party Executive will continue to support and enable Mr. Dean’s vision of common sense, free democracy, and other policies we have previously set out.


We wish Mr. Dean all the best in future, and thank him for all the hard work that he put in to help build the Atlantica Party of Nova Scotia.




The Atlantica Party Association of Nova Scotia Executive