Of Dictators and Pharmacare; The real story behind the latest Liberal debacle

A response to the Herald’s opinion piece by Gail Lethbridge February 6 2016

While discussing the McNeil Government's debacle with the Pharmacare changes announced last week, Ms. Lethbridge decries the 'rule by press release' approach used in this case; a decision affecting thousands and involving $millions issued directly from the Premier's Office via a press release.

There was no consultation, no public involvement, no debate. The same happened with the film tax credit, another debacle.

Are debacles more likely to occur with this 'press-release style' of rule; absolutely. But the real story is not any one issue but the problem solving approach our political system takes with issues; an anti-democratic dictator’s approach. A very un-Nova Scotia approach.

We complain when a poor decision is made. But if the decision is a good one, then is everything ok?  No. We must protest and agitate in both situations. We believe in democracy but our democracy has no pulse. With Pharmacare and the Film Industry why was the Legislature and your MLA not engaged in a lively debate consulting, discussing options, talking with the public, voting bad ideas down and voting for good ideas until an excellent policy is fashioned by all? Why is the MLA for Annapolis decreeing provincial policy from the shadows without oversight or restraint?

Until we re-establish the Nova Scotia Legislature to do the job we expect and pay for, rule by decree and debacles will continue.

Jonathan Geoffrey Dean


Atlantica Party