NSLC Going to Pot


Expansion of marijuana sales hurts Nova Scotia business 

Atlantica Party Response to Government distribution of Cannabis through the NSLC

In today’s announcement the current Nova Scotia government plans to continue as the largest drug dealer in the province by EXPANDING the NSLC into sales of marijuana, both online and in stores.

With regard to the control of alcohol and the current expansion into marijuana distribution, it is clear from a recent government poll that the majority (51%) of a Nova Scotians do not support the NSLC’s involvement with marijuana distribution.

This move is a clear monopolizing of government power for a tax grab, and a direct swipe at the skills and experience needed to properly produce cannabis for quality medical benefits, and recreational use.

Nova Scotia needs an expansion of economic freedom, not a shackling on business opportunity. It has always been the position of the Atlantica Party to remove the government control and allow private businesses, within the guideline of regulations, to operate in these sectors.

If you want the Government Control out of weed distribution and into the expertise of business professionals, then the Atlantica Party needs your support in this fight.


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