Nova Scotia PC Party embraces corporate welfare

On Friday PC leader Jamie Baillie pledged to uphold the un-conservative principle of handing taxpayer money over to private interests in the name of ‘job creation’. Mr. Baillie brought his party in line with the other status-quo parties, NDP and Liberals, to the left wing notion of political interference in the private sector through subsidies and handouts.

Mr. Baillie also tied his party to the incorrect notion that government can create jobs, something also embraced by the status-quo parties. Only the private sector can create jobs. Government can create the conditions for growth but should not interfere directly. By pledging subsidies, the PCs continue policies that damage the overall Nova Scotia economy and treat companies unfairly since some receive handouts while others do not.

The Atlantica Party has committed to ending all corporate welfare and treating all individuals and companies fairly by providing tax relief for all. A true ‘Conservative’ stance.