Atlantica Party on Legalized Marijuana


With the target date of July 2018 for the legalization of recreational cannabis looming, it is essential for Nova Scotia to be prepared for this change.

The Atlantica Party believes:

  • All barriers to access beyond federal regulations should be kept at a minimum.
  • The sale & distribution of cannabis should rest solely with the private sector.
  • Any regulations should ensure no market for illegal products.
  • The minimum age for consumption be maintained at 18.
  • Possession limits should be eliminated.
  • Advertising of products and brands be allowed.
  • There should be no rules for home production. 
  • The Tobacco Access Act needs to be updated to include provisions for the distribution, sale & consumption of cannabis.

Cannabis should be treated like tobacco, sold where existing regulations allow for the sale of tobacco and enforcement should fall under the existing Environmental Health & Food Safety Division. 

Finally, any provincial excise tax on the sale of cannabis should ensure product pricing remains competitive with other provinces across Canada to discourage black market purchases.

The Atlantica Party would like to see Nova Scotia at the forefront of the global cannabis industry with thriving producers, exporters and brands.