Keeping Greens in our political diet

I am troubled to hear the Nova Scotia Green party is struggling. Last week’s communique titled 'An Alarm is Raised by Interim Leader Brynn Nheily' alludes to declining membership, lack of funds and chronic vacancies in key roles including Leader. Interim Leader Nheily stated the party could not field a whole suite of candidates in the last election due to shortage of funds (they only ran 16 - a cost of only $3200 which is not that much).

The last decade has not been a success for the Greens. They never polled above 2.5% in an election. And the large handout ($250,000) the party received when it was created 10 years ago seems to have been spent and nothing has replaced it. I can understand how anyone, even a ‘true believer’, would eventually get discouraged. 

I hope we do not lose our Greens.

  •  They are Nova Scotians and they did, in their own way, raise the ‘Green Voice’ on various issues.
  •  The presence of the Greens on a ballot always allowed for a ‘none-of the-above’ protest vote for the voter.
  •  The presence of varied and dissenting voices, no matter how out of step, is critical to the health of any political system.

 They are a group of passionate political folks who want to make a difference. I know personally how few and far between people on the ground like that are and it would be a shame if we lost them. And I do think we would lose them since they have no obvious second home. My fear is they drop out altogether and leave all of us the poorer. 


Jonathan Dean


Atlantica Party