Just Making Things Worse

In the aftermath of the recent municipal elections in Nova Scotia (with a voter turnout of 29%), we are once again hearing the ‘progressive’ cries to implement mandatory voting.  Really?  What better way to motivate a disaffected voting populace than to force them to vote by threatening their pocket books in these already financially distressed times.

I do not claim to have all the answers as to why voter turnouts are so low. As I see it voters need to be incentivized to vote. And currently many voters have no incentive. Ok. What incentives? Are not the individuals, or parties and their associated policies not enough? Well, perhaps they could be. As we know though, and have witnessed time and time again, regardless of the entity elected to power the game never changes, only the players.

I would assume having a say in how you live your life (according to you, not others) would be a huge incentive. For if we do not, there are those who would gladly try and figure out what is best for you. These ‘progressives’, (which is actually a misnomer, as their way of thinking is regressive) already think they know what is best for you and yours and will take any opportunity they can to act upon that. Mandatory voting is just one of those ways. This line of thinking will just make things worse.

Of course there will always be those who chose not to vote. I respect their personal choice as it is their own to make, not mine. You know? Personal choice …. a cornerstone of individual liberties and freedoms? Which will not exist in the future if we allow thinking and policies like mandatory voting to come into existence.

J.A.(Jim) Murray

Atlantica Party