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The Atlantica Party is poised to take on Nova Scotia’s political establishment.


Our Mission

The Economy = Eliminate Business Tax & Corporate Subsidies, Reduce Regulations 

Rebuilding NS = Support Rural Development, Agricultural Self Sufficiency, Buy Local 

Energy = No more Monopolies, Stop blocking Development, Support Energy Diversity

Health Care = More Doctors, Less Administrators & Half Empty Facilities 

Education = More Teachers who Educate & Challenge, Less On-Line Indoctrination

Public Debt = Eliminate the Debt, Insist on Efficient Services, Smaller Government

Accountability = Hold Government & Management Responsible & Accountable, MLA Recall

The Atlantica Party fights every single day for a better Nova Scotia with only a volunteer executive and your generous donations. Believe it or not, we’re already making a huge difference as the other parties are adopting OUR core platform as their own. Flattering, but why not support the very Party that creates these positive ideas. 

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Atlantica Party of Nova Scotia Executive.