Join us and do your bit to give Nova Scotia a better future. 

Memberships are available from:

One year at $15 to five years at $55. Select the interval from the drop box above.

Benefits of membership:

  • An effective role in the most exciting political movement in Canada
  • The opportunity to shape the future of Nova Scotia
  • Voting privileges
  • Regular party news and activities
  • A personalized membership card (coming soon)

By paying I certify that I meet these Conditions of Membership:

• I am an individual resident of Nova Scotia
• I actively support the Atlantica Party
• I do not hold membership in another Nova Scotia political party
• I am paying from my own funds and no individual or organization will reimburse me


You can also fill out this handy form and return it to us

The Atlantica Party Association of Nova Scotia

6 Connolly Road
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