Healthcare Reform – Another Step



The Second Step to Correcting Healthcare.

As the first step stated, we must shorten wait times in offices and clinics throughout the system by allowing doctors to phone in prescriptions and still get paid for their efforts. While this may seem minor, it would help make a difference in lowering costs and improving efficiency.

The second step is to pass legislation and bring about accountability. We require legislation to remove political influence and meddling in the healthcare system, and further hold the senior executives of the healthcare authority accountable for delivery of our health services.

While this seems obvious, not one of the status quo parties have ever had the political will to do it. “Why” you ask? It’s simple. Building a new hospital or school in a riding is politically profitable, even if it plunges us into debt. Nova Scotia now has the highest hospital-to-person ratio in Canada, and still has some of the worse results and wait times.

Throwing more money at an inefficient system won’t correct the problem. The Minister of Health needs to be seen as the Chairman of the Board, and the CEO and Presidents are accountable to him. The Chairman doesn’t directly interfere with daily operations, but ensures that the investors (taxpayers) money provides the desired result.