Healthcare Reform – A First Step



Healthcare, the biggest item on our provincial budget (over 40%), is one of the most important and contentious issues in our province today. The system has become a monolithic bureaucracy rife with inefficiencies, gold-plated management and wasted taxpayer dollars. It is a monumental disaster with an executive that has no strategy for improvement or reform, as pointed out by Dr. Harry Pollett in his recent article “Scrap the Canada Health Act”.

I am a member of the Atlantica party and am putting forward a suggested first step to improving healthcare. I have asthma and I need medication daily to live a normal life. A major problem I and many other Nova Scotians encounter is repeated doctor visits to get simple access to long term routine medications.

Our health care system pays doctors $25 every time a patient visits their office. So naturally doctors respond to this incentive by making people visit them to get that money. The result; overcrowded doctor and ER waiting rooms with huge delays for people who are actually in need of urgent care.

So why not allow doctors to phone in refills for people who require long term medication? This would alleviate the necessity of having to see a doctor every three months, which always seems to be the magic number for refills, even though pharmacies can hold prescriptions for six months.

We must allow people like myself to be responsible, if I think something is wrong with my medication or health then I’ll go to my doctor, or ER, or clinic, and therefore allow better access for people with more pressing issues.

This would be a small but first good step to begin an overhaul the healthcare system, but it is a necessary one in the path that will lead us forward.



Atlantica Party member