Let’s Increase Healthcare Efficiencies (Part 2: NPs in ERs)

In the Atlantica Party healthcare policy paper, “Alleviating the Healthcare Crisis Through Efficient Use of Human Resources”, we call to increase the use of Nurse Practitioners (NPs) in Emergency Rooms (ERs) to increase efficiencies and help reduce the number of non-emergency patients to be seen by the ER Physician. 

Very often the only medical care a patient may require is from a nurse practitioner and not from a doctor.

By using NPs in ERs, the speed and quality of healthcare can be improved and costs can be reduced. 

This helps to free up more doctor hours so that doctors can use their time more efficiently, focusing their efforts where most needed. 

Further, this also creates more jobs and lowers costs.

Nova Scotia has a healthcare crisis and it’s only going to get worse unless we act now to bring common sense solutions to fix problems.

We hope that MLAs of all stripes will work towards helping in this simple way.

Honourable Randy Delorey, Minister of Health and Wellness, we’re looking at you to take the lead.

Read the full policy paper here.