Let’s Increase Healthcare Efficiencies (Part 1: RNFAs and ORs)

In the upcoming Atlantica Party healthcare policy paper, “Alleviating the Healthcare Crisis Through Efficient Use of Human Resources”, we call for increasing the number of Registered Nurse First-Assists (RNFAs) in operating rooms (ORs) to reduce the need to have general practitioners (GPs) providing first-assist services.

This would greatly increase the efficiency of healthcare and reduce costs. Further, it would create new jobs in Nova Scotia and add to the economy.

Our healthcare system is in crisis. It needs strong action before it collapses under the weight of mismanagement and the greater demands from our aging population. 

Adding RNFAs is a relatively simple and easy way to help increase efficiency in operating rooms. It requires little to no political will and does not have any politically partisan implications.

We hope that the parties in power and MLAs will work towards helping in this simple way.

Honourable Randy Delorey, Minister of Health and Wellness, we’re looking at you.

Read the full policy paper here and find out exactly why this policy is needed.