Fixed election dates, huh?

Last week the PCs attempted to amend the Elections Act to include fixed election dates. The government voted the proposal down. Then back and forth allegations accused the Premier of betraying a fixed election date promise made during the election although the Liberals never supported any pro-democracy reform in their campaign booklet.

Elections Nova Scotia supports fixed election dates as a cost-saver, presumably they are able to plan more efficiently if they know the timing of things rather than reacting to snap election calls.

Of course fixed election dates are a good thing otherwise the premier can 'game' the date of the election. An election call can be timed with contrived good news such as a balanced budget or unexpected good news like the awarding of the shipbuilding contract to give the incumbent an unfair advantage.

But what is perplexing about this discussion is no one, until this article, pointing out that under our current system you CANNOT have fixed election dates. Currently government operates on confidence, if confidence is lost (for example a major bill is defeated) an election is called. That can happen anytime. As long as we stick with the notion of confidence we cannot have fixed election dates.

The Atlantica Party is committed to introducing true fixed election dates as part of our reformation of the current political system as described in our Democracy Manifesto.