Executive Retreat



This weekend in Springhill Nova Scotia, the Atlantica Party held its first executive retreat.

Among the many topics discussed by the Party Executive was the recent election success of having run candidates that all received votes in 15 ridings, the planned expansion of the party, and a strategy for moving forward. The prime topics at the meeting were the economic opportunities in Cumberland County, organizing the core team and the creation of a positive game plan.

A key decision was to establish the Atlantica Party headquarters in Springhill. Other parties have stated that they care about Cumberland County, but the Atlantica Party believes that actions speak louder than words. The Atlantica Party is committed to serve all Nova Scotians, and not just those in the capital region.



Bill Archer, Cumberland North


Michael “Thor” Lengies, Cumberland South


Atlantica Party

Nova Scotia's Only Political Alternative

6th of November, 2017.



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