Donairs are not enough



Donairs are not enough

Statistics Canada just reported Nova Scotia the only province in Canada to register population decline from 2011 to 2014. It is not surprising to have Alberta outstrip us in population growth, but PEI? And according to the report things are only going to get worse.

Nova Scotia population stagnation and decline is an old and tired story. This problem has been ongoing for decades (since 1867 really) and the Status Quo Parties have been unwilling to deal with the problem.

The problem is Nova Scotia’s economy is too weak to provide the jobs and standard of living available elsewhere. 

How to create a strong economy is well understood; low taxes, focus government on essential functions, support business in general, deregulate. A strong economy will bring people back. But our weak Nova Scotian governments lack the political will to take the necessary steps. So the problem remains.

Rather than make hard choices current solutions revolve around ineffectual ideas such as immigration (who wants to immigrate to the weakest economy in Canada?) or appealing to sentimentality of those thinking of leaving; Peggy’s Cove and awesome donairs should be enough.

Until Nova Scotia gains an Atlantica Party government with the political will to create a strong economy, things shall continue to fall apart.

Donairs are not enough.