Direct Election of the Premier



The Atlantica Party supports direct election of the Premier as part of our Democracy Revolution, a campaign of democracy reform. This means that on election day you would vote for your representative and vote for a Premier.

Currently in Nova Scotia we have what is called Legislative Sovereignty as opposed to Popular Sovereignty. Under Legislative Sovereignty the members of the Legislature pick our leadership not the voters. This may seem counter-intuitive, after all doesn’t the leader of the majority party become Premier? In general, yes, but that is just convention, it is not a rule and can be defied at any time. The majority party can depose a premier without asking voter permission. The parties control who is Premier, not the voter.

Without a popular democratic mandate, anyone claiming to be ‘Premier’ must be illegitimate and have no mandate to govern.

Being a democracy means we, the citizens, pick our leadership directly without interference from party functionaries. The Atlantica Party supports popular sovereignty, we want you to pick our Premier in a direct vote.

Don’t you think it is time we chose our own leadership?


Jonathan G Dean


Atlantica Party


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