Demand Transparency and Accountability

At the top of the class of people we call “civil servants” are our elected officials, i.e. MLAs. Ostensibly they are employed to serve us. However, it hasn’t seemed like that were true for a very long time. 

It is high time that we hold our MLAs to account. 


The Atlantica Party proposes 2 steps to achieve this.

  1. Pass legislation for transparency where MLAs’ voting records and attendance in the legislature are made public
  2. Pass recall legislation so that MLAs can be fired by their constituents

Neither of those are difficult, nor are they partisan. 

Every other occupation requires that employees work records and attendance at work be known to their employers. There are no good reasons to give MLAs a pass. Nova Scotians deserve transparency.

Recall legislation is fair. It empowers constituents to truly hold their MLA responsible. Those MLAs that do not perform to the expectations of their constituents should be removed.

You can find your MLA to contact here:

Government should be responsible to and accountable to the people. It’s high time that we demanded that basic right. 

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