Dear Nova Scotian


Dear Nova Scotian,

I don’t find it easy to ask for money, but this is important. I’m not a professional fundraiser, just a concerned citizen.

My name is Jonathan Dean, leader of the Atlantica Party, Nova Scotia’s newest political entity. We are taking the lead on reversing this province’s endless downward spiral into massive debt, wasteful spending and reduced services.

I am daunted by the scale of what we’re up against. The Government waste is everywhere and continues to rise at an alarming rate with the Liberals and NDP screaming for more spending. If we’re going to stop them, we need to unleash a flood of public pressure for real change bigger than anything they could have imagined.

The other parties are void of ideas to the point where they flagrantly steal ours. They literally have an army on Government payroll and millions of our tax money to spend. On the other hand, Atlantica Party members are ordinary struggling citizens with real skills in business, solving problems and creating jobs. Up to now, we have been mostly self-funded because we care and desperately want positive change. Nova Scotia is not a hopeless situation, because we see the solutions.

However, I’ve been looking at our budget, and at the moment we simply don’t have enough money to do everything we need to do to win. 493 people like you have already donated to make it happen. But I need 507 more people to do the same for us to have a fighting chance. Without that, we’ll have to scale down our plans. I can’t see another way around it.

You could think “I’ll do that tomorrow”. You could delete this email and hope someone else will step up. Or, you could read this email and decide to chip in so that we can continue the fight for survival against a stacked deck.

I'm finalizing the plans for our 2018 Atlantica campaign. So before I do, can you chip in $ 5/10/25 today?

As we are an entirely volunteer-run organization with a very small budget, we do depend on donations to continue our work, and appreciate any contribution you can make.




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