Corporate welfare in New Glasgow

The Atlantica Party was excited to learn of the potential 300 new jobs for New Glasgow announced this past month until a closer examination of the costs associated with this.

While we appreciate jobs are needed in communities throughout Nova Scotia like New Glasgow, we feel there are better ways of growing our economy and creating these much needed jobs. Unfortunately, the costs of creating these jobs are about the same as the tax benefits associated with these potential new jobs. Apparently the tax benefits calculated amount to about $8 million whereas the payroll rebates amount to over $6 million and then there are all the costs of running the large bureaucracy to administer all these programs which is not mentioned. It would make far more sense to eliminate all corporate welfare and this bureaucracy and pass along these savings in the form of lower taxes for all businesses which would then help overall employment not just ones selected politically for these handouts… but then you would not have the photo opportunities created by these announcements.


Chris Bowie

Atlantica Party