The Atlantica Party will end all corporate welfare in Nova Scotia

Halifax, Nova Scotia –  The Atlantica Party will end governmental political interference in the private sector by eliminating all subsides, handouts, loans and investments, in short all taxpayer money flowing to private interests. Instead this money that will be used for core government services such as education, health and social services or be put back into the pockets of all Nova Scotians through lower taxes.

Subsidies, while being good for the recipients and the politicians who hand them out, are well known to be bad for the overall economy. Nova Scotia’s decades long abysmal economic performance despite the massive handouts by all parties in the past is proof. Handouts also encourage political maneuvering and dependency on government.

“Corporate welfare is actually a symptom of lack of vision and leadership in Nova Scotia.”, said Jonathan G Dean, Leader of the Atlantica Party, “It is also unfair as certain companies and/or sectors in the economy are treated differently than others. If you want to stimulate the economy, then do it for all Nova Scotians and businesses by lowering taxes and costs overall. Our preference would be to go beyond policy and make corporate welfare illegal in Nova Scotia”.