Common Sense Education Reform Needed

Why do we have an education system?


For our children; and ultimately, the future success of our province.  

Our education system is currently caught in a struggle for power between the Nova Scotia Teachers Union and the Liberal government. These conflicts are not in the best interest of taxpayers or the students of Nova Scotia.

The Nova Scotia government commissioned a report, Raise the Bar, written by Dr. Avis Glaze, which highlights key areas for improvement and cost reduction. The report primarily focuses on excessive waste within the administration and highlights the real importance of empowering teachers and experts from within the system to allow for better outcomes. (

Dr. Glaze’s findings clearly suggest that teachers need to be allowed to teach without interference.

This can be done by shrinking top-heavy administration, reducing the number of school boards, and making sure that the education experts are in control of the curriculum and direction of our students’ education. The report also recommends accountability and implementing measures to ensure that the teachers hired are the most qualified.

When teachers are given the freedom to control their classrooms and provided the necessary tools, their students achieve much greater success.

Past and current governments have politicized the issues facing our children’s education rather than supporting an approach that is in the best interest of all students. The reality is that unions tend to solely focus on looking after their members while most politicians are focused on the four-year election cycle.  What is needed is a long-term view that puts our children’s education FIRST

The Atlantica Party supports letting teachers do what they do best: TEACHING!

Our children should not be used as pawns in the ongoing turmoil between government and unions.  Their education predicts their future success AND the future success of Nova Scotia’s economy. 

While government inaction continues to remain a threat to the future prospects of our children, strikes can also cause a significant amount of damage.

Please Join the Atlantica Party today to help us FIGHT for our children’s and province’s future!